Our Services

Demolition, crushing concrete, concrete work, site work, erosion control measures and maintenance. Employees obtain the RLD land disturbance as well as Level 1 & 2 erosion control certified.

Clearing and tree removal services including specified danger trees done by mechanically and by climbing means.

Forestry road building and pond work. Dredging of ponds ½ mile hydraulically and up to 70’ mechanically. Specialize in cutting steep banks in wet areas, cutting right of ways with mulchers on excavators reaching up to 45-67’.

Also clearing right of ways and acreage with hydro axing (grinding) with machine that can grind from 1” up to 16”.

Have specialty equipment for commercial work such as horizontal grinders up 1400hp, stacker screeners and tromble screeners, conveyors up to 80’.

Grading and all types of site work including storm and pipe work. Specialize in Papermills, Sawmills-Lumbermills work, maintenance and clean up.

  • NC Unlimited Contractor License
  • VA Class A Contractor License

What We Do